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November 14, 2023

Mixology for Explorers: Pier 42 on List of 100 Best Cocktail Bars in the World

Pier 42, the crown jewel of hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo, has taken its place among the world's finest cocktail destinations, securing the 96th position on the Top 500 Bars List 2023. The list, a renowned industry award, collects data and insights from guests and industry experts in order to create their ranking. The accolade marks a milestone for Pier 42 and its Head of Mixology, Adrián Michalčík, who are no strangers to prestigious prizes.

To develop their prestigious list of the world’s best bars, Top 500 Bars has listened to the people. More specifically, they have developed an algorithm that collects a huge amount of data on cocktail bars from around the world.

The data points come from a wide range of sources in more than 20 different languages, and include information from journalists, experts and influencers, as well as ratings from various ranking platforms and search engines that collect audience feedback. The result? A democratic list of the 500 best bars globally, made by the people.

In the 2023 ranking, Pier 42 of Amerikalinjen dazzled their way onto number 96 on the list. The nomination goes:

“In Oslo's beautiful Amerikalinjen boutique hotel, Pier 42, is named after the NYC landmark where many Scandinavians first set foot on American soil.

The drinks programme, managed by award-winning Adrián Michalčík, similarly explores the connections that exist between Norway and the US, so each cocktail has a strong backstory inspired by historical events, nature, art and culture in either or both countries.

The ambience of the modern, but comfortable, cocktail bar is relaxed, with a polished wood and glass back bar and black-and-gold constellation light fixtures casting a warm glow over the high stools. A welcoming space for visitors seeking Scandinavian hospitality.”


At Pier 42, a cocktail is a feast for every sense.


A House for Explorers

Amerikalinjen was where the journey began for thousands of hopeful Norwegians, about to travel to the land of opportunity. The Norwegian America Line’s headquarters opened its doors in 1919, and one hundred years later, the hotel Amerikalinjen has breathed new life into these dreams.

Pier 42 in Manhattan was the passengers’ first encounter with New York and the new life “over there”. Named after this iconic pier, the bar of Amerikalinjen is designed to blend the heritage of Amerikalinjen’s cocktail culture with an unparalleled drinks menu, reflecting the modern day explorer. Center of attention is the concept menu, “Liquid Gallery of Art”, where signature cocktails showcase art from the destinations connected to the Norwegian America Line. Like Norway and New York in a liquid form, so to speak.

Pier 42 and their Head of Mixology Adrián Michalčík are no newcomers in the world of mixology. They have collected several recognitions and awards over the years, most recently at the Norse Bar Show where they took home awards for Best Cocktail Menu 2023, Best Bartender 2023, and Best Bar Team 2023. Adrián Michalčík took home the title Global Bartender of the Year at the World Class Cocktail Festival, and has previously been awarded the Diageo World Class Global Bartender of the Year Award 2022 as well.


The bar is inspired by Pier 42 in Manhattan, where Norwegian passengers first encountered New York—and a new life.

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