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Upcoming projects

Curiosity might’ve killed the cat, but at Nordic Hotels & Resorts we take pride in our curious approach to the future. We believe in collaborating with visionary architects, interior designers, constructors and other leading experts in the field to create timeless brands. Whether we’re part of restoring an old classic to its former glory, or developing a new landmark in an unexpected location, we put our heart  and soul in it. We can’t give you all the details just yet, but here you’ll find our upcoming projects. The next big thing in hospitality is just around the corner.


A lavish gem in the heart of Copenhagen. We're marking a new chapter in the history of Admiral Hotel, a beloved landmark with a legacy stretching back two centuries.

Helsinki, Oslo & Copenhagen

Buckle up—our most rebellious boutique concept is heading out to the Nordic capitals. The cheeky favorite Hobo will soon open on Finnish, Norwegian and Danish grounds.


Into the woods, anyone? An arboreal  dream is growing in the Norwegian Rønvikfjellet. Soon you’ll be able to check in at the Wood Hotel Bodø, a wooden feat of engineering.


The historical seaside of Falsterbo in Sweden, a century-old destination for wellness pilgrims, is getting a new crown jewel with hotel, spa and restaurant.


This way, gin lovers. We’re joining forces with renowned craft gin producer Hernö Gin to create an exciting destination in the Swedish coastal city of Härnösand.


An old department store is getting an ambitious make-over. With design inspired from the Mediterranean of the 1950s, Swedish Hotel Fratelli will be an instant classic.

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