Embodying the Nordic style of life

Who we are

Nordic Hotels & Resorts is the largest and fastest growing collection of independent hotels in the Nordics. We’re a lifestyle-driven hospitality group, transforming our industry with conscious luxury and a lust for exploring.


We provide curated guest experiences

Our brands are curated to tell a story. Much like people, each one has a distinct personality. What they all have in common is the tailor-made guest experience, with quality as its red thread.


We are a collective of devoted people

Our people are the best at what they do. They don’t follow us; we follow them. With an ambition to continuously learn, and a modern sense of service, they’re redefining what constitutes Nordic hospitality.


We design to inspire

We believe that great design is more than a detail. It’s an immersive experience: seamless, while still being eye-catching. With our brands, inspiring design is always one of the highlights.


We create brands that tell a story

We’re in the business of making deeper connections. Storytelling is a philosophy, integral to everything we do. From concept development to daily operation, captivating ways to communicate the brand is in our DNA.


We work with an entrepreneurial mindset

We’re the challengers in the Nordics. By looking for new ways to solve old problems—and old ways to solve new problems—we secure growth, increase profit and most importantly: open doors to new business opportunities.

Our Executive Team


Henrik Berghult

Chief Operating Officer


Coming from a family of hoteliers, Henrik was basically born and raised in hotels. He is the one overseeing Nordic Hotels & Resorts, steering our ship towards new destinations. Henrik has an extensive background from the hospitality industry, both internationally and within the Nordics. He has acted as Director of Operations for Clarion Hotel in Sweden and Finland, and has worked as Chief Buyer for The Rezidor Hotel Group, working with international brands like Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Regent and Missoni Hotels. His resumé also includes leadership roles in Sweden and Norway within the Norwegian-owned Norlandia Hotels & Resorts.


Linda Eriksson

Vice President Commercial Performance

Sometimes we’re amazed by how smoothly such a big commercial engine like Nordic Hotels & Resorts runs. Then we remember that we have the mastermind Linda leading it—and it all makes sense. Linda has a fascinating career path, starting out specializing in human-computer interaction. Her interest for the human aspect has taken her to Management Consulting at Bain & Company and to roles as Director of Group Strategy at Scandic and CCO at Social Eatertainment Group. Today, Linda loves getting down to the nitty-gritty of our guest interaction, trying to understand the guests’ needs and making complex commercial strategies seem like a piece of cake.


Kai Pasma

Vice President Hotel Operations

Few have such a broad hospitality experience as Kai, working both in operational roles and with destination development. His journey in the Nordic Choice Group started in 2005 as Director of International Sales. Over the years, he has held positions at Nordic Hotels & Resorts as Director of Sales, among others. He has previously been a co-owner of ESS Group and led openings of prestigious projects such as the Steam Hotel. Most recently, he comes from a position at Scandic Hotels as Regional Director of Operations.


Tina Tropp Jerresand

Director of People Performance

When it comes to people and culture, Tina’s experience is unrivaled. She joined Nordic Hotels & Resorts in 2022, coming previously from our mother brand Nordic Choice where she led the workforce through both new openings and pandemics. Her experience has been perfected over the years through positions like Sales Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels, Best Western and First Hotel. In 2016, she was part of the team that transformed Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm with the openings of the hotels At Six and Hobo and restaurant TAK. Since then, she has held several important roles within Nordic Choice, including Vice President People & Culture.


Martin Melander

Vice President Finance and Operations

Money makes the world go round, and no one keeps better track of it than Martin. Joining Nordic Hotels & Resorts in 2013, he splits his time between being Vice President of Finance and Vice President Operations for a section of the NHR portfolio. Martin has extensive knowledge of both starting and running complex financial operations. He has previously acted as Global Responsible Business Controller in pre-opening teams for big brands such as & Other Stories, among others. Got any questions about strategies, work methodology or process leading? Then Martin’s your guy.

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Bettina Fuhr Norstein

Director of Members and Operational Support

Bettina is the most structured and process-driven person you’ll ever meet. Luckily, she is also the first one welcoming you to Nordic Hotels & Resorts. She leads the processes for new member hotels joining the group, creating a seamless incorporation into our daily operation. She also facilitates the flow of information between Nordic Hotels & Resorts and our member hotels, as well as managing performance development. Bettina joined Nordic Hotels & Resorts in 2016, previously coming from Key Account Manager roles for advertizers such as MTV, Nickelodeon and AOL among others. 


Henrik Jakobsen

Director of Concepts & Business Development and Director of Restaurant

An instinctive feeling for creating guest value is the best way to describe Henrik, who focuses on portfolio development. With a finger on the pulse of the lifestyle scene, he is the one responsible for the continuous development of existing hotel brands and individual concepts. He has an international background from Starwood as Head of Food & Beverage for EMEA, working with brands such as W Hotels, Le Méridien, Sheraton and Aloft. He joined Nordic Hotels & Resorts in 2015 as Director of Food & Beverage—being a key player in starting up and ensuring the success of the Brunkebergstorg brands At Six, Hobo and TAK in Stockholm. He has also steered Hobo and TAK as General Manager between 2020–2022.


Our culture

At Nordic Hotels & Resorts we see and value the strong mindsets of every person in this company. Much like our hotels, our culture celebrates individuality, where every team member is an equally important piece of the whole. We approach every task, problem and possibility the same way: with creativity and inclusivity.

Empowered by Strawberry Hospitality Group

In 2023, the Nordic hospitality scene was ushered into a new era when Nordic Choice transformed into Strawberry. The name change of Nordic Hotels & Resorts’ mother brand marked a big shift in the industry. Today, Strawberry works towards creating an ecosystem of its own brands and external partners, all of them offering unique experiences in the Nordics. 

Just like before, Nordic Hotels & Resorts continues business as usual, operating as a collection of independent hotels. We still enjoy being part of the largest and most ambitious hotel loyalty program in the Nordics, combined with Strawberry's economies of scale expertise and one-of-a-kind culture. 


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