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Check in excited, check out energized. Our resorts and retreats provide versatile resort adventures, from the steamy and seductive to the crisp and bright. 

Nordic Hotels & Resorts are number one in the industry when it comes to conceptualizing, developing and operating spa experiences in the Nordics. With clear narratives and strong points of view, we build unique resort concepts that stand the test of time. You’ll see this reflected in everything from signature treatments to conceptually aligned dining experiences.

Operating in mostly rural and remote locations, our resorts help our guests unwind and hit the pause button. All of our resorts and retreats work towards the goal of inspiring guests to find themselves. Meet us up in the mountains or down by the sea, where high hospitality standards always meet a captivating ambiance.


A feast for the senses. This vibrant Japanese bath house—complete with onsen baths, crossover dining and invigorating activities—is as exciting as it is serene.


A skier’s paradise at the top of Förberget mountain, the internationally famous Copperhill will leave you breathless with its snow-clad and scenic nature.


An outdoor resort proudly drawing inspiration from local nature and heritage. Wood Hotel Bodø is an exploration of the untamed beauty of the woods.


Looking out over the rippling water, Farris Bad is nothing short of an ode to the ocean. This dreamy spa hotel on the beach is the perfect hideaway at the end of the world.


Far north of the Arctic Circle awaits a chilly work of art, welcoming its guests to a hotel made out of ice. Come for the sub-zero craftsmanship, stay for the Northern Lights.


The epitome of Nordic beauty, in the northernmost parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Hotel Føroyar on the Faroe Islands is a bucket list destination, growing is as one with nature.


Like straight out of a fairy tale. The historic Dalen Hotel from 1894 sits between the spectacular mountains of Telemark, inviting visitors to a lavish Swiss chalet style landmark. 


The party has officially started. Think the sunny vibes of Côte d'Azur, meets the crashing waves of the Norwegian coast. The result? A cosmopolitan resort with attitude.


Next stop: the ocean. Meet us at Stenungsbaden, the salt-sprinkled pearl of the West Coast, where relaxation and adventure is always on the schedule.


Where thrilling ski adventures on the slopes meet energizing treatments in the spa. Norefjell is an award-winning resort in the middle of beautiful mountain scenery and wildlife.


Rural, relaxing and with stunning countryside surroundings, right next Norway's best golf course. Lily Country Club has something for both spa lovers and golf enthusiasts.


With the art of pampering as their guiding light, the first spa in Sweden mixes fitness and movement with every spa treatment under the sun.


Boasting one of Norway’s biggest spas, this coastal haven and its maritime history is perfect for both business, pleasure and everything in between.


Found on a remote island, surrounded by the luscious forests and mountains of Swedish Jämtland, Frösö Park is all about finding new energy—for spa and nature lovers alike.


A place made to relax and feel good in, right at the edge of the sea. Take a break from everyday life at Strömstad Spa & Resort, in the heart of the Swedish archipelago.


From kick-offs to workshops, from nightclubs to night swims. This conference expert, known as the “Chocolate Hotel”, will make any meeting one for the books.

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