September 16, 2022

Pier 42’s Bar Manager Adrián Michalcík named the best bartender in the world

Adrián Michalcík, Bar Manager at Pier 42 at hotel Amerikalinjen, mixed, stirred and shook his way to the title of Diageo World Class Global Bartender of the Year 2022. This year's competition took place live in Sydney, Australia, with fifty competing bartenders from all corners of the world.

The ambition and talent of Adrián and his team is reflected in guest experience, reviews and awards—naming Pier 42 one of the leading bars in Norway. Their boundary-breaking approach to concepts, craft and storytelling is causing attention, both in Norway and globally.

When the guest steps inside Amerikalinjen and walks through the lobby, they are entering an all-encompassing experience where service and quality is at its highest level. The guest is then accompanied to their seat for the evening, and given a thoughtfully curated signature cocktail menu. Whenever they are served, a story will accompany it. Nothing is left unnoticed and everything has been thoroughly designed.

– I think the fact that our hearts are at the center of our operation and we are driven by passion is what is most important to succeed. In my eyes, a successful bar is based on three pillars; its staff, its products and the atmosphere. The staff needs to be excellent connection makers by making guests feel like they are visiting our home. The staff need to be knowledgeable about what they serve, and it needs to be of the highest quality. Lastly, the atmosphere is what wraps the experience together and what can really make or break a visit or stay, says Adrián Michalcik.

Congratulations again to Adrián, a true trailblazer!

Photo: Diageo


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