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February 29, 2024

Meet the Majestic Dalen Hotel in Norway, Nordic Hotels & Resorts’ Newest Member

A magical landmark, straight out of a fairy tale. Dalen Hotel in Telemark, with origins that stretch back to 1894, joins Nordic Hotels & Resorts. The Norwegian hotel is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year and plans to continue being a premium cultural-historical destination that attracts guests from all over the world.

Like a postcard motif, the historic Dalen Hotel sits between the spectacular mountains of Telemark in southern Norway. This landmark at the end of the Telemark Canal has been described as the best preserved of all the old Swiss chalet-style hotels in Norway. Its doors opened in 1894, and today the cultural-historical building still stands as a popular premium hotel.

Now, the beautiful property looks to the future, as it becomes part of Nordic Hotels & Resorts' portfolio.

– Stepping into Dalen Hotel can only be described as time traveling. Its history is truly unique, and for more than a century they’ve kept it alive, pairing it with world-class standards. The location is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful places, says Henrik Berghult, Chief Operating Officer at Nordic Hotels & Resorts.


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The grand fireplace room stuns with its ornate glass skylight, dating back to 1894. 


130 Years of Exquisite Experiences

Among the picturesque valleys, Dalen Hotel appears with its majestic architecture overlooking the canal. The lavish building was built in the style of a Swiss chalet with elements of National Romanticism and Dragestil. The result is a distinctive blend of architectural styles in the building's complex carpentry work. 

The hotel welcomes visitors with a stunning facade, ornately detailed with elaborate eaves, cornices, turrets, and spires, and traditional Norse motifs such as dragon heads protruding from its gables. The building has a completely symmetrical floor plan, including the two ornate towers in the center and the two wings that extend out from the main lobby. The center of the building is dominated by a grand hall which spans all three floors. The facade, lounges, dining room, and main lobby are almost identical to how they looked upon the building's completion in 1894.

The hotel was built much thanks to the completion of the Telemark Canal at the end of the 19th century. Upon its completion in 1892, the man-made Telemark Canal was referred to as a technical achievement, having been carved into the rock. It earned the epithet of "the eighth wonder", and was a major attraction at the time, drawing a large influx of royalty and distinguished guests from all over the world. The guests needed a luxury hotel to stay in—thus, Dalen Hotel was built and completed in 1894.


Besides its historical charm, the St. Olaf Suite boasts a balcony overlooking the garden and canal.


Today, Dalen Hotel consists of 49 unique hotel rooms, spread over a wide range of room categories. The Tower Suites are the hotel’s absolute crown jewels, overlooking the gardens and canal. All of the rooms are furnished in a historic style with their own individual touch. Embracing its historic legacy, Dalen Hotel wants to take guests back to the peace and quiet of yesteryear; therefore, you won’t find a TV, radio, telephone or minibar in the rooms. Focus is on a serene experience.

A grand main lobby welcomes visitors under a magnificent stained glass skylight, an original piece from 1894 that was imported from Berlin. Guests can experience local produce and French tradition in restaurant Bandak, arrange meetings in the hotel's grand salons, sauna bathe in the beautiful canal, stroll in the lush garden and arboretum, and much more.

– This year marks 130 years since Dalen Hotel welcomed its first guests. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the anniversary than to write a new chapter in the hotel's history with Nordic Hotels & Resorts. For more than a century, we have been a mysterious and adventurous place in Norway, and I am proud that we now take our place in a great company of independent hotels. Together, we will continue to welcome visitors for at least another 130 years, says Filip Åbom, General Manager at Dalen Hotel.


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Restaurant Bandak serves up everything from breakfast and dinner to lunch and afternoon tea.


A Voyage Through Nature

As if the astonishing hotel wasn’t enough, visitors can also combine their stay with a trip aboard the veteran ship M/S Henrik Ibsen from 1907. A trip on the waterway is the best way to experience the valley's spectacular nature.

The M/S Henrik Ibsen is known as the “king of the canal”. In later years, it has been completely upgraded and renovated in authentic 1920’s style, staying true to its heritage. The interior boasts plush chesterfield sofas, dark mahogany interior and brass details. Much of the decor is antique, while other parts—like its 38 crystal chandeliers—are produced especially for the ship.


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A trip on M/S Henrik Ibsen is the best way to experience the spectacular nature of Telemark.


– Dalen Hotel is an impressive cultural monument and Nordic Hotels & Resorts will give the hotel a strong foundation to stand on going forward, while still giving it room to operate like an independent hotel. It is with great pride that we welcome them to the family, says Henrik Berghult, Chief Operating Officer at Nordic Hotels & Resorts.

Since 2007, Dalen Hotel has been owned and managed by Norwegian Hospitality Group. Norwegian Hospitality Group has long been Nordic Hotels & Resorts' largest partner with hotels in the portfolio such as Son Spa, Strömstad Spa, Hotel Riviera and property owner of Farris Bad. Dalen Hotel officially enters as a member hotel in Nordic Hotels & Resorts on April 24, 2024.


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The ornately detailed facade with its eaves, cornices, turrets, spires, and dragon heads, with elements of National Romanticism and Dragestil.

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