January 31, 2024

A Dramatic Renaissance: Hotel Christiania Teater Unveils New Interior Design and Brand Identity

Hotel Christiania Teater presents a theatrical revival in two acts. The lavish landmark in Oslo, with a history stretching back more than a century, recently emerged from a year-long transformation, unveiling a newly renovated space and a new brand identity. Delve into the new and improved Hotel Christiania Teater, and meet the General Manager leading this iconic hotel into the future, Hero Azeez.

In the heart of Oslo, forming a near-perfect triangle with the city’s National Theatre and City Hall, an eye-catching building towers over the busy street of Stortingsgata. Behind its facade lies a landmark that has housed more than a century of culture, history, and emotions. A Nordic Neo-Renaissance architectural gem, the building was inaugurated in 1918 and has since played many parts, acting as a concert hall, vaudeville theater, cinema, and even Norway’s first opera stage. Today, it boasts a show-stopping hotel: Hotel Christiania Teater.

Since opening in 2010, the hotel, theater venue, restaurant and bar that is Hotel Christiania Teater has been a cultural hub in the Norwegian capital. Now, a new chapter is being written in the life of it. The hotel has just put the finishing touches to its biggest renovation since opening, alongside a complete makeover of the brand. 

Much like the conductor leading the orchestra, Hero Azeez is the one leading Hotel Christiania Teater as its General Manager. Reflecting on the hotel's rich history, she always comes back to the impact it has had on its visitors throughout the years.


Custom velvet headboards and gold brocade wallpapers are the perfect backdrop for an indulgent stay.


– So many of our guests share their memories from here with us, some stretching back decades. In order to keep this building a cultural institution, we knew there was more work to be done than just a refurbishment. We started this project by initiating a revival of the theater scene together with Over Norge AS and Starworks, bringing back performances and shows. Now, we are wrapping up this renaissance of Hotel Christiania Teater with the inauguration of our new rooms and brand identity, positioning ourselves as one of the capital's most attractive cultural destinations, she says.


From Floors to Ceilings, a Transformed Space

The ambitious project of creating the new Hotel Christiania Teater started in 2023. For over a year, the project worked simultaneously along two paths: a big renovation of the rooms, and a thorough re-branding.

– From the start, we have been set on linking the brand closer to the proud history of the house, while still keeping it contemporary. Our hotel should be more than just a place to stay; it should be a home where guests’ souls are awakened. With this as our guiding light, we’ve gathered a skilled team, from the industry at large and from within Nordic Hotels & Resorts, who have ensured that our new brand shines through in both our digital spaces and in every nook and cranny of the house, says Hero.


General Manager Hero Azeez has been a key player in the project of bringing Hotel Christiania Teater to new life.


The changes in the house have been comprehensive. The hotel rooms have been meticulously redesigned, from technical upgrades to a complete overhaul of the interiors. Floors, doors, cupboards, furniture, and just about everything else, are all new. The materials—ranging from lush velvets and dark woods to shimmering metals and ornate wallpapers—have been chosen to merge functionality with the aesthetics of the theater. 

Hotel Christiania Teater has long been a popular choice among business travelers, and it has no plans on veering off that course. Elements that corporate guests value, like generous desk spaces, have been reinforced, but the rooms have also been made more attractive for families. Features like new sofa beds in the rooms make it possible for up to four people to stay comfortably in the same room. Additionally, the hotel has also invested in connecting several of the rooms, accommodating bigger groups looking for flexibility and convenience.

To top things off, art, music, and a flair for drama now envelops every corner of the hotel more boldly. The corridors and common spaces have been refurbished with curated paintings, pictures, and sculptures. “Wherever you look in our hotel, you’ll experience that characteristic theatrical touch through our interior, services and activities”, explains Hero. “We’ve always been a hotel rich in ambiance, but now we’ve created an atmosphere that truly stimulates all the senses”.


In the renovated rooms, classic Art Deco lines have been more boldly incorporated into the design.


Unpacking the New Brand

Along with the physical renovation, Hotel Christiania Teater has also unveiled a new brand identity. The strategic decision to revitalize the brand was focused on creating a new conceptual platform, from which new brand outtakes have sprung. These include conceptually-aligned signature services, reimagined staff uniforms and a new visual identity.

Every element of the new brand identity speaks to the essence of the theater world. A more opulent color palette has been implemented, drawing inspiration from the decadent interior of the building, along with new typography that reflects the hotel’s play between vintage and modernity. The updated photography style aims at showcasing not just the hotel’s physical spaces, but also the genuine emotions and stories within it. Here is where Hotel Christiania Teater really embraces the drama.

– Our decision to look over the brand was rooted in creating a visual language that resonates with both our history and contemporary aspirations. We wanted to create a sense of timeless elegance, mirroring Hotel Christiania Teater’s blending of the past and present. Seeing it come to life, I couldn’t be happier with the result. It truly represents who we are, says Hero.


In its new brand direction, the hotel is going all in on the dramatic.


A Different World, All Under One Roof

Oslo might be the city with more hotels per square kilometer than any other capital in the Nordics. The market is a highly competitive one, with a handful of new, conceptually-driven boutique hotels opening each year. What sets Hotel Christiania Teater apart from these newcomers is its unique sense of self—knowing where it comes from, and where it’s heading.

– One thing that no one can copy us on is our history. Hotel Christiania Teater’s unique position lies in its ability to offer competitive in-house experiences, rooted in a very tangible heritage. From a delightful breakfast or an Italian pizza evening in our restaurant Teatro, to a captivating play in our theater, guests come here to have an otherworldly experience, says Hero.

The new and improved Hotel Christiania Teater has slowly been checking in guests to its new facilities since the end of last year. Looking into the future, Hero emphasizes the importance of a

dapting to guest feedback, constantly tailoring the operations to the shifting preferences of tomorrow's travelers. However, one thing is for certain: integrating art, culture, and entertainment into the guest journey will always be Hotel Christiania Teater’s hallmark.

– Me and my team strive to be innovative and adaptable. But, more importantly, we work actively to hold on to the essence of this house, which is a place where great emotions come to life. This is a promise we make to our guests everyday, and one we always honor. This will never change, says Hero.









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