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We have a serious update from Erik Killie on the status of our ISO 14001 certification which currently hangs by a thread. After revision, it appears that the entire Nordic Choice has to make significant improvement in order to retain our certification in 2017.  

This is a hughe opportunity for NH&R lead the way!

We show the chains how to mobilize forces and make a proper environmental boost. There is also potential in respect to each separate hotel, namely that those who stand out with a strong improvement in the following actions sets very strongly to being named as this year's WeCare hotels on the main stage during VK2017. Your engagement in this battle will also be something we look at with regard to NH&R Awards ....    

So what can YOU do to help your hotel stand out? It's easy, complete your ISO 14001 training. It's available in Choice Academy, and takes at most 30 minutes to complete. 

We will be watching closely for improvements on all hotels. You see the status here per 11.11.2016, and we'll be following through with updates. Every participant counts, and we thank you in advance for your contribution. 

Skjermbilde 2016-11-11 kl. 10.39.49.png

the results are in for the

...and the winner is

FARRIS BAD - Best in Class with 9.18 points


COPPERHILL - Most improved averaging 0.13 points improvement

The Conference and We-Care competition continues, full status can be found at The Wall




The lonely christmas tree campaign

The lonely Christmas Tree is a tradition that keeps on growing within Nordic Choice. Each year we recieve more gifts than the last, and we see it as a great way to give back to our local communities. 

This article will feature everything you need to get started with the Lonely Christmas Tree, the basics, how you can build on the concept, inspiration and contact information. 


The basics

Three easy steps makes you ready to participate in the LCT:

  1. Establish contact with a charity of your choice
  2. Put up a sign in the lobby informing that you will collect gifts
  3. Engage employees and your local community with information through various channels


All independent hotels have the freedom to produce their own, custom made material and so there will not be made any standardized options. You can use your existing hotel templates, or create something that works with your profile.

If the production of printed material is a challenge for your hotel, Papirfly could be a good place to get some assistance. 

What printed material will you need for The Lonely Christmas Tree? 

  • A poster explaining what LCT is, and how it works
  • "Donation ornaments" notes, orbes, a pine cone - your imagination sets the limit - the chains use tags where each tag symbolizes 50,- donated.
  • A poster informing all guests that Nordic Choice matches each of their donations with an extra 10,- for each 50,- 


Find the connection that makes this campaign relevant to your hotel. It could be the charity you donate to, how you decorate your tree, how the message is written or all of the above. 

Social Media

Some of the hotels will arrange kick-offs on the first day of gift collection. It could easily be combined with the lighting of the tree, serving some gløgg, playing some music or throwing a party.

We will be gathering and sharing pictures on the hashtagg #independentchristmastree - please share pictures and tag them for all to see  




NHR - Contact for this project is Bettina Norstein, she is in close dialogue with Hedda Skaug who organizes the event centrally. 

You can also read more about the campaign on the wall

We're looking forward to your contributions, and can't wait for the christmas spirit to sink in!!! 


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